Thursday, 30 May 2019

"I Have an Idea" by Herve Tullet (Chronicle Kids)

Herve Tullet is, without a doubt, one of the most creative and artistic author-illustrators working in children's literature.

What I like best about Herve is the fact that he seems to instinctively know how to tap into that creative part of a child's brain where they become absolute experts at filling in the gaps our adult brains sometimes develop - a gap where a simple idea can become something entirely different.

In "I Have an Idea", Herve explores and expands on this - in something akin to a piece of concrete poetry, a book that's filled with very simple illustrations - but text designed to prod and poke those creative bits of our brain back into life. Not just for illustration or dreaming up new stories, but for all aspects of our lives where we need a little imagination, a spark of inspiration, or just a good solid nudge in the right direction sometimes.

Filled with artistic splodges that could indeed become elements of inspiration for kids to expand upon, the book is a lot of fun to read aloud - particularly if you have one of those soothing voices that's like taking a sip of a divine warm cup of hot chocolate (unfortunately mine's akin to taking a sip of a cup of coffee from a vending machine, ne'er mind though eh!)

So get Joanna Lumley round, and get her to read a few excerpts from this...

Curiosity is where it all begins, with stimulation for the senses
It works as a playful mindfulness text too.

When inspiration hits, it truly is a wonderful thing
We're both wondering how many kids will actually 'get' what this book is trying to impart. I must admit that both of us took a couple of reads through to really relax into what "I Have an Idea" is trying to achieve as it's pretty chaotic, sometimes even pretty random too...

This is the page that stuck with both of us the most. I absolutely adore the idea that every idea needs a touch of madness about it. So true!
So there you have it, another brilliantly visual exploration of what makes us tick from Herve.

Sum this book up in a sentence: A visual exploratory journey, inviting the reader to take a journey of self discovery inside their own imagination with inspiring quotes and zippy-zappy scribbly visuals to prod your creativity into life.

"I Have an Idea" by Herve Tullet is out now, published by Chronicle Kids (kindly supplied for review).