Tuesday, 25 June 2019

"The Worst Book Ever" by Elise Gravel (Drawn and Quarterly)

Owchers, here's a book that sets out its stall right from the front cover with a piece of self-deprecation that is, we're pleased to say, entirely unjustified. But let's hear Elise Gravel out, as we delve into "The Worst Book Ever".

This is the quirky and very funny new book from Elise who sets herself up for a drubbing from her own character creations.

You see they're fed up with the author's lack of imagination - and stage something of a book based revolt as the story unfolds around the lack of story the characters perceive.

In fact as the characters take over, with their own sassy opinions making this an even more hilarious read than intended, the author begins to let them take the narrative in their own direction. After all, it's their book, why shouldn't they be in control? Even if they are extremely rude!

In Elise's trademark cartoony style, the tale is blissfully original, turning the world of picture books and comics inside out and upside down and also highlighting just how important it is for the characters to shine through when you're devising a story.

After all, you wouldn't want to be a character stuck in a boring book - would you?

Sum this book up in a sentence: Absolutely brilliant, you'll never read anything quite as crazy as this!

"The Worst Book Ever" by Elise Gravel is out now, published by Drawn and Quarterly (kindly supplied for review).