Monday, 22 July 2019

"Busy Tractor" by Samantha Meredith (Campbell Books)

Tiny tiddlers love bright colourful books, but love them even more if there's plenty of interaction going on too.

"Busy Tractor" by Samantha Meredith is one of the range of awesome "Busy" books from Campbell, with lots of details to spot in each page spread, a bouncy rhyming story, and loads of page elements to push, pull and slide, bringing the book to life without the need for apps or batteries. YAY!

It's a great little range, one that had us musing over our own city-bound existence, longing for the wide-open spaces and green fields of the farm, the rumble of the tractor, and of course all amazing animals you can see on the farm too.


Sum this book up in a sentence: A busy little book for busy little tractor fans!

"Busy Tractor" by Samantha Meredith is out now, published by Campbell Books (kindly supplied for review)