Tuesday 9 July 2019

"Disney's The Lion King (Disney Animated Classics)" (Disney / Studio Press)

Once again, Studio Press have a winner on their hands, and even though this isn't one of our favourite animated movies (I know, I know, shoot us down, go on!) "Disney's The Lion King" is still one brilliant book.

Using the same format as the other brilliant Animated Classics books, once again you'll learn all about Simba the curious little cub, his father Mufasa and the animals who live in the vast African plains.

Simba's evil uncle Scar seizes power, exiling Simba and enslaving the lion pride, until the young cub realises his destiny...

There's some fantastic concept art from some of the finest artists at Disney Studios who all worked on the production.

These books are so highly collectable, and brilliantly presented in gorgeous cloth-bound foil-inlaid covers with a ribbon bookmark so you don't lose your place when telling the story of Simba to your own little cubs.

Gorgeous stuff once again!

"One day son, all this will be yours!"

Sum this book up in a sentence: A glorious and collectable addition to the fantastic "Animated Classics" range, full of amazing concept and production art.

"Disney's The Lion King (Disney Animated Classics)" is out now, published by Studio Press