Wednesday, 31 July 2019

Meet a brilliant new mighty girl with a nose for detection in the truly brilliant "Agatha Oddly" chapter book series by Lena Jones (HarperCollins Children's Books)

 If there's one thing we both like it's a rip-roaring mystery with a mighty girl character basically sticking her nose into a curious situation, and coming up trumps.

Meet Agatha Oddlow, star of the fantastic "Agatha Oddly" stories from Lena Jones with book one ("The Secret Key") and book 2 ("Murder at the Museum") out now, and book 3 ("The Silver Serpent") coming along in September.

So who is Agatha? She's bright, inquisitive and alongside her geek chic sidekick Liam Lau, she's all set for adventures ranging from saving London (no small deal, saving an entire city) to solving the mystery of the disappearance of a famous scientist.

Together Agatha and Liam set up "The Oddlow Agency" - a detective agency with a difference.

Living with her dad at the Warden's Lodge in Hyde Park (what a cool address, I'm sure you'll agree) these London-based adventures
are absolutely perfect for kids who love middle grade / early YA stuff like "Murder Most Unladylike".

Agatha is super-stylish with her love of vintage clothes, and her inspirational heroes such as Agatha Christie and Sherlock Holmes mean that she never backs down from a puzzle or an enigma.

We've been reading the first two books for a few weeks now, and what instantly struck me was just how fresh these feel - considering the colossal number of kid detective stories there are out there.

There's just something about Agatha herself. Smart, stylish and extremely well read.

As the cover blips say, "No case too odd!" for Agatha and Liam

Get set for more adventure with the release of "The Silver Serpent", the highly anticipated third case
for Agatha Oddlow!

"Agatha Oddly: The Secret Key" and "Agatha Oddly: Murder at the Musem" are both out now in Paperback, with "Agatha Oddly: The Silver Serpent" set for release on 5th September 2019. 

Grab your magnifying glass, fingerprint kid and your best horn-rimmed specs! You're going to need them!

(all books kindly supplied for review).