Tuesday, 2 July 2019

Stimulating an interest in STEM from an early age, a brilliant new range of Techtots Science books from Boxer!

Boxer Books' brilliant new range of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths (STEM) titles kicks off with a range of interesting and engaging subjects for young scientists everywhere.

The "TechTots Stem Science" range includes a brilliant mix of colourful titles exploring all aspects of science.

For example, Biology and physiology and the mysteries of our weird but wonderful bodies in "Why Do We Poo?" by Harriet Blackford and Mike Henson.

Join forces with Mia, Isla, Oscar and Set to discover the mysteries of our digestive systems, what happens when we eat, and what happens to the waste that's left over.

Fun and engaging illustrations complement the easy-to-understand text, the perfect jump-in point for kids who are interested in biology.

There's also "Where does the Sun Go? Also by Harriet and Mike.

This book delves into the mystery of what happens to the sun at night, explaining the concepts of day and night cycles, and how vital these are to life on earth and our own well being.

The whole range is really nicely produced, with a diverse mix of characters helping to ramp up kids' interest in these fabulous STEM subjects.

Check out the full range over on Boxer Books website: http://www.boxerbooksltd.co.uk

(Both books kindly supplied for review)