Monday, 8 July 2019

"The Mermaid Craft Book: 15 Things a Mermaid Can't Do Without" by Laura Minter and Tia Williams (Little Button Diaries / GMC Publications)

You've got to hand it to enormously talented crafting duo Laura Minter and Tia Williams. They know exactly how to keep kids busy during the long summer holidays when the weather is horrible outside and you want a bit of magic and sparkle in your makes.

"The Mermaid Craft Book" by Laura and Tia contains 15 brilliant projects for your own little mermaids to make. Everything from a truly spectacular Mermaid tail, to a fantastic set of shell-shaped accessories to tote all your stuff around.

Or even a fabulous trident and crown if you fancy ruling your undersea kingdom in style.

Cut, stick, sew and paint your way into a magical underwater world. Containing 15 fantastic mermaid-themed projects to make, The Mermaid Craft Book will get children crafting and creating in no time. Aimed at boys and girls aged 3+, all of the projects can be made either from readily available items or from easy-to-source materials, and grown-ups need little or no crafting experience to help! Projects include a clam-shell jewellery box, a mermaid blanket and a shell necklace.

Fabulous stuff as ever from the talented team behind the awesome "Little Button Diaries" crafting blog and website. 

Sum this book up in a sentence: A truly brilliant 'make' book filled with 15 gorgeous projects for would-be mermaids and mermen!

"The Mermaid Craft Book" by Laura Minter and Tia Williams is out now, published by GMC Publications (kindly supplied for review).