Thursday, 22 August 2019

"Encyclopedia of Grannies" by Eric Veille (Gecko Press)

No matter what we call them, whether they're "Grandma" or "Nanny", "Nanna", "Grand-Mo" or simply that strange old lady who smells faintly of cauliflower, we do love our gorgeous grannies!

In the brilliantly funny "Encyclopedia of Grannies" by Eric Veille, newly translated by Gecko Press, here's everything you could possibly need to know about your grandmothers, Nannas, Grannies or Gransches.

Exactly how old are they?

What do they do all day?

Why do grannies always tell us to speak up? Why do they have creases on their faces? Are grannies flexible? How do you cheer up a sad granny?

...and one of our favourite questions (which really does need a proper answer) - Where are those busloads of grannies we always see actually heading to?

Eric explains all in such a charming, funny and completely chaotic way that we were chortling all the way through this one (particularly at the aforementioned 'things you'll find in a Granny's bed' section, which for some reason includes a cauliflower pong).

Utterly brilliant for kids to pick up before going to stay with their elders over the summer - and let's face it, we'd be absolutely LOST without grandparents who do this without grumbling or grumping, bless them! 

Sum this book up a sentence: A fantastic fact-filled fun book showing just how amazing grannies really are - they don't just knit shreddies all day, you know!

"Encyclopedia of Grannies" by Eric Veille is out now, published by Gecko Press (kindly supplied for review).