Tuesday, August 13, 2019

Out today! The truly brilliant and mind-taxing "Sleuth and Solve: 20+ Mind-Twisting Mysteries" by Ana G. Gallo and Victory Escandell (Chronicle Books)

Your brain, yes yours, is an amazing thing. The more you make use of it, the easier you'll find it to navigate a complex world. We love puzzles and riddles, and C (given half the chance) loves those visual riddles and puzzles you sometimes find on YouTube amongst the cat videos and pratfalls.

It's great to find that sort of deductive and detective fun wrapped up in a book though, and in "Sleuth and Solve: 20+ Mind Twisting Mysteries" by Ana G. Gallo and Victor Escandell, you'll find a truly amazing selection of brain-baffling mysteries to solve, perfect if you're a budding Miss Marple or Sherlock Holmes.

The book sets out its stall early by mentally preparing you for what's ahead. The devil truly is in the details in this book, and if you've ever played graphical adventure games that rely on keen observations and clue-gathering, you'll know what's in store in Sleuth and Solve.

Best of all, it needn't be a solo pursuit, in fact the book positively encourages you to team up with your family to solve the mysteries, making it the perfect way to bond over your creative brainpower! Imagine a whole family of ace detectives, how cool would that be!

Answers are provided in each of the sections, but no peeking and cheating! That's not the detective way!

This is really fabulous, thoroughly original and brilliant fun and the perfect way to woo your kids away from their screens this summer.

Sum this book up in a sentence: A twisty-turny devilishly complex but utterly satisfying book for budding amateur detectives and mystery-solvers.

"Sleuth and Solve: 20+ Mind Twisting Mysteries" by Ana Gallo and Victor Escandell is out today, published by Chronicle Books (kindly supplied for review).