Friday, 16 August 2019

ReadItDaddy's Comic / Graphic Novel of the Week - Week Ending 16th August 2019: "The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Volume 10: Life Is Too Short, Squirrel" by Ryan North, Erica Henderson (cover) and Derek Charm (interior and comic artwork) (Marvel Comics)

THE DEATH OF SQUIRREL GIRL! Yeah, thought that might grab your attention but in the fantastic 10th collected volume of "The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl: Life is Too Short, Squirrel" North and Charm kick you right in the hooblies from the get-go, opening things at SG's funeral.

But wait a second, who are those two mysterious guests dressed as giant bass?

Why is Tony Stark delivering a rather odd eulogy?

...and just where the hootin' heck did Brain Drain get that bloody awesome Human League T Shirt.

As you've probably guessed, and it's not much of a spoiler (I mean it's right there on the cover, for frick's sake!), there's an impostor at work and it's up to The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl to figure out this unholy mess.

Dovetailing quite nicely with recent events in the Marvel Movie Universe (and if that isn't a big enough spoilery-hint at who's really masquerading as SG), North and Charm pour on the brilliant in Marvel's flagship comic-that-still-stuns-us-that-it-hasn't-been-made-into-a-frickin'-movie-yet.

Both of us literally inhaled this comic in one glorious breath, and though we keep hearing those vicious rumours that The Unbeatable SG may well be hanging up her squirrely headband, and tucking her tail firmly into her pants for good at some point in the future, we're going to continue to enjoy these awesome comics as long as we can.

Sum this comic up in a sentence: Utterly brilliant from start to finish, one of the most intelligent and brilliantly written / drawn kid-friendly comic series out there just gets better and better (but yeah we still miss Erica Henderson, how could we not!)

"The Unbeatable Squirrel Girl Volume 10: Life is too short, Squirrel" by Ryan North and Derek Charm is out now, published by Marvel Comics (self purchased - not provided for review).