Friday 9 August 2019

ReaditDaddy's Picture Book of the Week - Week Ending 9th August 2019: "Hamish Takes the Train" by Daisy Hirst (Two Hoots Books)

Our Picture Book of the Week this week is the sort of warm fuzzy huggable book that just makes us deliriously happy (and makes me very nostalgic for train trips I enjoyed as a kid, that were absolutely nothing like the sheer hell on the railways these days!)

We absolutely adore Daisy Hirst's books, so in "Hamish takes the Train" be prepared for a brilliant story of friendship and falling out, highs and lows of life as we are introduced to two fab friends.

Hamish is a bear. His best friend is Noreen the goose, and together they have a gorgeous life in the countryside. What could possibly be better!

But sometimes Noreen notices that Hamish gets a faraway look in his eye and one day she thinks it's time Hamish finds out for himself just what lies at the end of the train track near their house.

So with a clickety-clack off Hamish goes to find out what life is like in the big city, thanks to a fortunate happenstance and a new found friend.

Life at first seems even more amazing than it was in the country. But there's definitely something missing, after all what's a grand new adventure without your best buddy in tow? Is there a way Hamish can enjoy his idyllic country life but maybe bring Noreen along for the ride too?

Daisy has a knack for dreaming up the most gorgeous storyscapes, and each page spread is just glorious.

Time to pick up a ticket and ride the train!

Such a warm feelgood story this, and beautifully descriptive of what it feels like when your whole world seems to begin and end within a tiny little country village, but sometimes you feel like there may be adventure just over the horizon.

Life in the city feels so exciting for Hamish. I mean who wouldn't want a job like this?
We both love the way Hamish slowly begins to realise just how much he misses home - and Noreen of course!

Seeing what life is like at the other end of the tracks. Hamish settles his wanderlust once and for all
Sum this book up in a sentence: Quite unlike every other book we've seen about friendship, and missing home, a gorgeous tale so brilliantly put together from an epic talent in kidlit. 

"Hamish Takes the Train" by Daisy Hirst is out now, published by Two Hoots Books (kindly supplied for review)