Thursday, 15 August 2019

"Somewhere Out There Right Now" by Gemma Wells (Ragged Bears)

Mindfulness (particularly for children) is definitely something of a hot topic at the moment.

Children's lives are increasingly fast-paced and energy-sapping, and sometimes kids are under a huge amount of mental pressure from early years onwards, as they strive to do well in school and strive also to form meaningful social relationships in and out of school.

In "Somewhere out there, right now" by Gemma Wells, the subject of mindfulness is covered in a gentle storified way, with the aim to encourage and develop that bond between parent and child, as well as introducing the core concepts of mindfulness to children through a whimsical and dreamy pre-bedtime tale.

With soothing muted coloured illustrations and gentle text, the story and book offers a neat wind-down for kids who find it tricky to settle down at night for a much-needed recharge and of course a good night's sleep.

Sum this book up in a sentence: Gentle and relaxing storytelling introducing early concepts of mindfulness for children in a way that they can understand and get on board with.

"Somewhere out there, Right Now" by Gemma Wells is out now, published by Ragged Bears (kindly supplied for review).