Monday, 19 August 2019

"We Found a Seed" by Rob Ramsden (Scallywag Press)

Time for more fun in the garden, from the author of "I Saw a Bee!"

Rob Ramsden's awesome eye for colour and illustration, and his gentle storytelling encouraging kids to get outdoors once again comes to the fore in "We Found a Seed".

A little boy and girl are playing in the garden one day when they find something interesting. A tiny little seed. 

They play with the seed for a while before realising it's not going to do anything until it's planted. But what will it grow into? 

Time for a bit of tender loving care, and a lot of patience! 

But when the seed finally sprouts,  flowers and dies they're very sad - until they find it has left them lots of new seeds to plant! Hooray!

There's something quite magical about growing your own things in the garden - and this book beautifully captures that magic in a whimsical tale that's brilliant for muddy kneed green fingered kids everywhere. 

Sum this book up in a sentence: A superb little book for early years kids, encouraging them to try growing their own things to see what sprouts from the soil. 

"We Found a Seed" by Rob Ramsden is out now, published by Scallywag Press (kindly supplied for review).