Monday, September 9, 2019

Four fabulous new story books to get your school year off to a flying start with Child's Play Publishing

We're taking a look at four new brilliant titles from an innovative publisher who has been producing some of the best kids books out there for a long time. Don't let that fool you though, their publications are always of the highest quality and we've really been enjoying this selection of stories.

So let's start with something magical! "Astrid and the Sky Calf" by Rosie Faragher is a heartwarming tale of a very special hospital.

Doctor Astrid is a doctor at The Hospital for Magical Beasts but when a sky calf visits the Hospital out of the blue, Dr Astrid tries to diagnose the newcomer and apply her usual treatments.

The problem is, the poor patient isn't responding to the usual treatments and Dr Astrid wonders if her skills are up to muster. How can Astrid nurse the sky calf back to full health?

A  beautiful and sensitive story about how empathy and compassion can help make a real difference, with gorgeous scribbly art from Rosie.

"Astrid and the Sky Calf" by Rosie Faragher is out now, published by Child's Play. 

Next, a brilliant story that dips into Traveller culture and their rich tradition of folk tales and legends.

"The Lost Homework" by Richard O'Neill and Kirsti Beautyman begins with the story of a young boy in the traveller community.

Sonny devotes his weekend to helping his neighbours and fellow Travellers with a variety of tasks. He uses many skills, from calculating the amount of fuel needed for a journey, to restoring a caravan.

In fact, the only thing he doesn’t do over the weekend is his homework – his workbook is missing!

What will his teacher say?

This new picture book in the traveller's tales series champions the idea that many skills learned at home are as important as those learned at school. With truly gorgeous artwork from Kirsti, it's a fantastic little moral tale with a huge heart and sense of community.

"The Lost Homework" by Richard O'Neill and Kirsti Beautyman is out now, published by Child's Play. 

Next up, with perfect timing, a brilliant waggy tale about starting a new school.

"A New School for Charlie" isn't about a little girl or boy, but a dog - and a rather excitable dog at that.

Charlie can't wait to start his first day at a new school, but when he gets there, he finds it full of cats!


The difference is quite a shock for Charlie, who isn t sure how to cope. How can he make new friends and fit in amongst all those moody felines?

Things look a bit wobbly for a while but Charlie remembers one thing - his love of books - and soon discovers that his new school has a library. If the answer can't be found in books, then it can't be found anywhere!

A fab book to ease kids into their new school year, with a bouncy and effervescent lead character.

"A New School for Charlie" by Courtney Dicmas is out now, published by Child's Play. 

Last but not least, a strange and surreal tale but with a whomping great big positive message delivered in a fun and original way.

"The Things" by Petronela Dostalova begins with just one thing in fact, a thing who has a very particular way of living, a (slightly prickly) best friend, and plenty of fun despite its rather simple life.

Thing adores his friends, Cactus and Moose the Shadow Puppet. But one day Thing wakes up to find there's another thing nearby.

Worse still, Thing discovers that his friend Moose the Shadow Puppet has suddenly disappeared. The chief suspect is the other thing but will the two work out what has happened if they work together as friends?

It's definitely a quirky story but the message of friendship and tolerance is strong, and kids will love the sheer fun in this one.

"The Things" by Petronela Dostalova is out now, published by Child's Play. 

(All books kindly supplied for review)