Thursday 5 September 2019

"How Far Can a Kangaroo Jump? Wild Facts and Amazing Maths" by Alison Limentani (Boxer Books)

Here's an interesting book combining some amazing facts about animals, while stimulating children's interest in all things numerical.

In "How Far can a Kangaroo Jump?" by Alison Limentani, you'll find out a whole lot more about many, many animal species that live on our planet - but you'll also learn a lot more about numbers and maths too.

As well as the titular question, you'll also find out how far other animals can jump, leap and bound with a series of gorgeously colourful and detailed illustrations to pique your curiosity.

Perfect for Key Stage One / Foundation based programmes, but also great as a read-at-home title to brush up your animal and maths skills.

Sum this book up in a sentence: A fab way to combine two fascinating subjects in one brilliant exploration of animals and numbers.

"How Far Can a Kangaroo Jump" by Alison Limentani is out now, published by Boxer Books (kindly supplied for review).