Friday 20 September 2019

ReadItDaddy's Chapter Book of the Week - Week Ending 20th September 2019: "Ant Clancy: Games Detective" by Ruth Morgan (Firefly Press)

You know a book has gone down well with "The Boss" if the first thing she asks, a mere chapter in, is "Are there any more books in this series?"

That was very much the case with our Chapter Book of the Week this week - the fabulous "Ant Clancy: Games Detective" by Ruth Morgan.

Fusing videogame smarts with a smidgeon of awesome adventuring and clue solving, Ant Clancy loves nothing more than diving into the amazing new virtual reality game, Ray-Chay.

Invented by an eccentric billionaire Kody Crunch, Ray-Chay is all the kids are talking about.

But it soon becomes apparent that there's more to the game than just zapping a few aliens.

In fact Kody Crunch might not be the benevolent benefactor he's building himself up to be.

Despite Ant's attraction to the game, he's determined to find out whether Kody's protests of innocence are genuine, and whether something else lurks inside the code of Ray-Chay.

C loved this from the get-go, describing it as original and fresh and with just the right level of knowledge about gaming and cool stuff that would appeal to both game-loving boys and girls.

We're both hoping Ruth is busily cooking up Book 2, as this has the makings of an awesome series.

Sum this book up in a sentence: An awesome mix of gaming, detective clue-solving and virtual reality fused together in a compelling and pacy story.

"Ant Clancy: Games Detective" by Ruth Morgan is out now, published by Firefly Press (kindly supplied for review).