Monday, 23 September 2019

"You Calliin' Me a Cheetah?" - An Animal Memory Card Game by Marcel George (Laurence King Publishing)

Oooh sometimes it's quite tricky to identify certain animals, and if you're fooled into thinking that Leopard is actually a Cheetah or perhaps even a Jaguar, then this fab fun family card game is for you!

"You Callin' Me A Cheetah?" by Marcel George might just help you learn about different animal species with a bit of fun card game strategy going on at the same time.

Can you tell a hare from a rabbit? It's trickier than you'd think. 

What s the difference between a llama and an alpaca? We must admit we ALWAYS get stuck on that one (but they're both so CUTE!)

Which has two humps the Bactrian camel or the dromedary? 

Marcel's animal matching game with a twist is absolutely perfect for helping kids master their animal knowledge with the simple goal of matching 25 pairs of animals that look almost the same but that tend to be confused.

Includes a fascinating booklet by a zoologist explaining the differences between the animals.

"You Callin' Me a Cheetah" by Marcel George is out today, published by Laurence King Publishing (kindly supplied for review).