Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Celebrating awesome science and STEM in "Slimy Science" and "Cool Circuits" from Susan Martineau and Kim Hankinson (B Small Publishing)

Here's a pair of awesome books from superb non-fic publishers B Small Publishing, engaging kids with fantastic STEM subjects with experiments they can try out themselves.

"Slimy Science and Awesome Experiments" is the first book, concentrating on lots of fun activities for your little science whizzes that will test their tastebuds and other senses, or allow them to create a ton of brilliant and cool things.

Make some disgusting Ectoplasmic Gunk. 

Trick your friends with The Incredible Rubber Egg. 

Create your own Volcanic Eruption. 

Revolt your family with a Pus-filled Boil. 

There are clear step-by-step instructions and 'Fact Files' explain the science behind each experiment. Slimy science is freaky, fascinating and fun!

There's also something for the budding tech geniuses out there too...

"Cool Circuits and Wicked Wires" lets kids master electricity with more fun ways to have some inspired electrical fun with these simple experiments using all kinds of household equipment. 

Set up a cool circuit using salty water and kitchen towel. 

Use pencils to create circuits. 

Make a home-made battery that really works. 

Fascinate your friends with a break-dancing magnet. 

There are clear step-by-step instructions shining a light on electrons and electronics. 

Sparky, scientific fun!

Sum these books up in a sentence: Both books are gorgeously presented and illustrated, helping kids develop and maintain an interest in cooooool science. 

"Slimy Science and Awesome Experiments" and "Cool Circuits and Wicked Wires" by Susan Martineau and Kim Hankinson are both out now, published by B Small Publishing (kindly supplied for review).