Friday 11 October 2019

ReadItDaddy's Comic of the Week - Week Ending 11th October 2019: "Claire: Justice Ninja" by Joe Brady and Kate Ashwin (David Fickling Books)

Our Comic of the Week this week is a fantastic collection of a strip that took a decidedly different tack to the usual 'superhero' stuff you see in comics.

"Claire: Justice Ninja" by Joe Brady and Kate Ashwin first appeared in The Phoenix Comic some time ago, and instantly felt like a breath of fresh air.

Not just because its chief character is a BAME force to be reckoned with, a girl, and possessor of a strong moral compass - but also because it covers the sort of subjects that drive most of us (adults AND kids) absolutely barmy when we see others behaving like the receivers of said justice in the strips.

Folk who let their dogs crap everywhere? Yeah they get served.

The bully at school? Oh you just know they're going to get their comeuppance at the hands of this pint-sized purveyor of solemn justice and her hapless sidekick Nigel. She's more than just your friendly neighbourhood Ninja-girl, she's chronicling and dealing with horrors that you hope and pray others might recognise in their own behaviour, and do something about before Claire comes a-knocking.

This strip was a huge hit with C, a girl with her own strong sense of right and wrong, and one who (like me - though not quite in the same "Victor Meldrew" moany old way) will root for characters like Claire all the way.

Absolutely fantastic stuff from Joe and Kate!

"Claire: Justice Ninja" Book 1 is out now, published by David Fickling Books (kindly supplied for review).