Tuesday 29 October 2019

"Who am I?" by Tim Flach (Abrams Young Readers)

This book is brilliantly cheeky, with a whole brilliant series of 'peep through' pages that work so cleverly for tinies who love animals.

Yet the core theme underlying Tim Flach's excellent "Who am I?" is a serious one indeed.

Each of the animals featured in this gloriously photographed book are endangered, their habitats being encroached on by humans, or destroyed for resources.

Find inside a giant panda munching on bamboo.

Or perhaps a yellow-eyed tree frog hiding in a tropical forest!

 Who Am I? uses clever riddles and stunning images by esteemed photographer Tim Flach (taken from his Abrams adult book Endangered) to introduce ten vital species-at-risk to readers. 

With its engaging and timely message, this beautifully crafted picture book is perfect for the youngest animal enthusiasts.

Sum this book up in a sentence: A stunningly presented book with a serious message for little ones about how many of these animals are hanging on the brink of extinction, mostly at our hands. 

"Who am I?" by Tim Flach is out now, published by Abrams Young Readers.