Wednesday 20 November 2019

Celebrtating National Non-Fiction November with two brilliant new titles from Cicada Books

It's National Non-Fiction November, a month-long celebration of all the awesomeness to be found in Children's Non-Fiction titles.

We're huge fans of innovative, engaging and interesting non-fiction titles and Cicada Books have two stunning new titles to tempt you, filled to the brim with fascinating facts and awesome knowledge.

So let's dig under the earth for the superb "Earth Shattering Events - Volcanoes, Earthquakes, Cyclones, Tsunamis and other Natural Disasters" by Robin Jacobs and Sophie Williams.

Our earth is a fragile ecosystem, and when climate change, adverse weather conditions and the slow shift of land masses and tectonic plates are at their most active, spectacular and dangeous things can happen.

In "Earth Shattering Events" you'll learn about natural disasters, how they occur, what causes them and how we've come to adapt, overcome and survive these catastrophies. Digging into the science of geology and metrology, this book is anything but a light touch, providing fascinating insights into areas of science that aren't often covered in such exquisite detail in natural history books. Authoritatively written with fantastic colourful and engaging illustrations, it's a brilliant book for home or school projects.

"Earth Shattering Events" by Robin Jacobs and Sophie Williams is out now, published by Cicada Books. 

The second book in our in-depth review of awesome non-fiction titles from Cicada is "Gut Garden: A journey into the wonderful world of your Microbiome" by Katie Brosnan.

This time the fragile ecosystem in question is the one inside our own bodies. Have you ever wondered what happens between you eating your dinner and - er - it coming out of the other end? In between are your intestines - and an amazing ecosystem in microscopic form, comprising amazing life forms and friendly bacteria that all have a part to play in extracting all the goodness from your food to build your body strong and healthy.

The book delves into what these different bacteria do, which foods are great (and terrible) for your gut, and how to maintain a healthy balance to ensure everything runs smoothly.

This is a truly amazing little title, one that again we don't often see dealt with as a subject but it's brilliantly done so here, a perfect jumping-off point for kids to discover all sorts of amazing biological functions our bodies are capable of.

"Gut Garden" by Katie Brosnan is out now, published by Cicada Books (both titles kindly supplied for review)

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