Thursday, 28 November 2019

"Underground: Subways Around the World" by Uijung Kim (Cicada Books)

There's a fantastic and rapidly growing branch of non-fiction that caters specifically for younger kids who still prefer amazing visual presentation mixed in with their facts and figures. In fact in "Underground" by Uijung Kim, the text is purposely kept to a minimum as we take a journey across the globe to visit all the amazing places that have built public transport systems underneath our feet.

From New York, to London, to Moscow, there are many locations around the world that use subways or underground railways to help folk get to work, visit their friends and families, or perhaps even indulge in a spot of street entertainment.

This fantastic and colourful book is cleverly designed to follow the styles of underground systems in different locations (yep, did you know most underground railways have their own particular 'brand' that's instantly recognisable once you get to know them?)

To help engage kids further, there's a fabulous spotting game on each page too - can you find all the hidden objects in each colourful and busy scene?

We loved this book, it cleverly uses brilliant and yet simple design to convey the excitement of riding the underground (weirdly aside from the Northern and Victoria Lines, it's one of the things I miss most about living in London).

Sum this book up in a sentence: A fab little book this, and another brilliant title in Cicada's increasingly essential early years non-fic range.

"Underground: Subways around the World" by Uijung Kim is out now, published by Cicada Books (kindly supplied for review).