Friday, 6 December 2019

Three more awesome booky gift ideas for your own Booky Advent Calendars from Templar Publishing

We've got three more brilliant Christmas book ideas for your shopping lists, courtesy of Templar Publishing so let's dig in and take a look at these gorgeous titles.

"Follow the Star" by Andy Mansfield is a fab little pop-up book that captures the essence of Christmas with some nifty paper crafting and gentle storytelling.

Clad in a christmassy cover, it's a delightful journey for a very special star as it makes its way across the sky on Christmas Eve

Andy brings his brilliant graphic design and paper engineering skills to a fab book that's perfect for younger readers as they start getting excited about the build up to the big day.

"Follow the Star" by Andy Mansfield is out now, published by Templar.

Also from Templar, the perfect box set for fans of Sam Usher's "Seasons" series.

Gathered together in a beautiful hard-backed collection, these titles are already well-known and well-loved but this is a perfect opportunity to bag all four in a stunning set, perfect as a gift for a new arrival to the family.

"Spring", "Summer", "Autumn" and "Winter" feature Sam's gorgeously detailed artwork and gentle storytelling about a youngster and their grandad as they make the most of the seasons as they come and go.

The winter one will definitely make you wish for snow!

A fab gift idea, "Seasons" by Sam Usher is out now, published by Templar.

Last but not least, a book that comes straight from Santa's workshop!

"Santa's Christmas Handbook" is lovingly crafted by Santa's amazing elves, with loads of flaps to lift, and secrets to discover.

One of the best-kept secrets about Christmas is that Santa Claus is highly accident-prone and doesn't get on well with gadgets and gizmos! 

That's why his elves have written this handbook - it contains all the knowledge he needs to deliver presents to children around the world in one night. 

Packed with novelties to entertain and explain, discover Santa's reindeer tips, present prompts and useful tools like Santa Nav and the magical jingle bell that summons help.

Superb interactive fun for younger readers, "Santa's Christmas Handbook" is out now, published by Templar. 

(All books kindly supplied for review).