Tuesday, 21 January 2020

"The (Ferocious) Chocolate Wolf" by Lizzie Finlay (Five Quills)

Wolves get a bit of a raw deal in children's books. I mean quite often they're painted to be the baddie.

But in "The (Ferocious) Chocolate Wolf" by Lizzie Finlay, there's a bit of a twist.

The wolf in the story doesn't like eating his animal friends. Oh no, he loves nothing more than concocting the most amazing chocolate treats, in fact he's more of a whizz than Mr Wonka.

The animals await the grand opening of a new store in their village but none of them quite trust a wolf who claims he's a bit of a sweetie really. One brave pig is ready to prove otherwise though, and with Wolf, they come up with a grand plan to make the store a howling success.

But when Pig goes mysteriously missing during the first delivery run, the animals suspect that perhaps wolf isn't quite as innocent as he seems.

Can you guess what happens at the end of this gloriously twisty-turny tale with a sweet heart?

Sum this book up in a sentence: A choccy loving wolf like no other, and a brave pig, a real twist for a story full of originality (and chocolate, I mean what's not to love!)

"The (Ferocious) Chocolate Wolf" by Lizzie Finlay is out now, published by Five Quills (kindly supplied for review).