Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Two awesome new activity books to kick off the new year from Button Books

We do love anything that involves masses and masses of stickers. There's definitely something soothing about sticker books but in two new releases from Button Books there's more to the activities within than just stickers.

Let's kick off by taking a closer look at "The Magical Underwater Activity Book" by Mia Underwood.

With a superb underwater theme, chock full of mermaids, mer-cats (did you know there was such a thing? You do now!) and a whole host of familiar and unfamiliar sea creatures, this is perfect for kids who love to imagine what life is like under the waves.

There are plenty of awesome brain-taxing challenges such as word searches, mazes and papercraft.

Perfect for busy little kids, "The Magical Underwater Activity Book" by Mia Underwood is out now, published by Button Books. 

Also out now, the awesome "Roman Adventure Activity Book" by Jen Alliston, for kids who like a bit of history.

There are more stickers (over 100 to be precise) plus a whol host of Roman-themed makes and puzzles, activities and jokes perfect for kids who are covering the Roman Empire in lessons at school.

Kids will learn tons about Roman times while they're tackling all the fun things to do in the book, with brilliant characterful illustrations showing the type of people who lived in Ancient Rome and what they got up to!

"Roman Adventure Activity Book" is also out now, published by Button Books (kindly supplied for review).