Monday, 24 February 2020

"Mister TV" by Julie Fulton and Patrick Corrigan (Maverick Arts Publishing)

Wow! Can it really be ten years since we first encountered awesome Maverick Arts Publishing? We share the same 10th anniversary year and I'm tickled to see that Julie "Ever So Series" Fulton is still writing for them, and alongside Patrick Corrigan has come up with a superb book celebrating the life of John Logie Baird.

In "Mister TV" this awesome duo chronicle the life of this tinkerer and inventor, who single-handedly changed the world with the invention of a mechanical televisor - the first device to transmit and receive a picture, and the forerunner to later electronic devices that perfected this amazing invention.

Logie Baird was always inventing as a child, though not always with the desired end result - but the lyrical storytelling details his inquisitive nature and his quest to come up with his own versions of gadgets, constantly refining and improving them until at last he came up with his breakthrough invention, the telly - something that still plays such a huge part in our daily lives.

Logie Baird later went on to conduct experiments in 3D TV and colour TV, and is widely recognised alongside others as "The Grandfather of Television".

It's great to see Maverick still publishing awesome books, and this brilliant account of John Logie Baird's life is well worth nabbing if your kids love science and love to learn more about the historical figures behind some of the world's greatest inventions.

Sum this book up in a sentence: A truly fabulous storytelling biography of one of the most innovative, inquisitive and clever inventors and his breakthrough work on bringing modern television to the masses.

"Mister TV" by Julie Fulton and Patrick Corrigan is out now, published by Maverick Arts Publishing (kindly supplied for review).