Friday, 28 February 2020

ReadItDaddy's Comic / Graphic Novel of the Week - Week Ending 28th February 2020: "The Gamayun Tales Volume 1: An anthology of modern Russian folk tales" by Alexander Utkin (Flying Eye / NoBrow)

Wow, and once again WOW. This is the sort of graphic novel anthology that fills us with joy. After all, why settle for just one story in a fabulous comic-based anthology when you can have several.

In "The Gamayun Tales Volume 1" Alexander Utkin gathers together his previous releases from Flying Eye / NoBrow into one sumptuous and luxurious volume, a fantastic set of stories to curl up with - and the perfect introduction for kids who haven't yet got into comics or graphic novels but want a really good jumping-in point (warning though kids, it'll become a lifelong obsession, we can most definitely vouch for this).

Russian folk tales are a rich and verdant source for amazing stories filled with magic, excitement and fantasy.

Meet terrifying water spirits, lake-dwelling magical creatures and regal feathered friends (and fiends). Like a modern-day Aesops Fables filled with amazing creatures, Alexander's stories are dark, enticing and exciting - and the artwork is absolutely gorgeous, colourful and super-detailed.
Let's take a look at one of the panels inside:

Kids are naturally drawn to comic storytelling and rich visual narratives, and this is a prime example of the sort of graphic novel we get very excited about. We truly are living through a new golden age of amazing kid comics, and this is one of the finest.

"The Gamayun Tales Volume 1" by Alexander Utkin is out on 1st March 2020, published by NoBrow / Flying Eye Books.