Wednesday, 12 February 2020

Two for Me, One For You by Jorg Muhle (Gecko Press)

This one's a bit of an early reveal, as its not actually out until April - but we do love a superb and original picture book, particularly one that elicits such cackles and belly laughs as this.

"Two for Me, One for You" by Jorg Muhle is the sort of picture book perfection that starts with a very simple premise. Bear, while out walking, discovers some lovely mushrooms and brings them home to her best pal Weasel so they can enjoy a slap-up fungi feast.

But when it comes to sharing, Bear isn't too bright - but begins to justify why she should have the lion's (sorry, bears!) share of the goodies.

While Bear and Weasel argue, there's a neat twist that effectively sews up their argument for them - but you know us, we're not into spoilers, so we won't ruin that delicious moment for you.

As ever, this is the sort of brilliance that Gecko Press are thankfully so great at bringing to our shores, a book that has a simple - yet universal message that kids will (sometimes rather guiltily) identify with - particularly if you've ever put one kid in charge of the jellybean jar, telling them to 'share fairly'

Sum this book up in a sentence: A deliciously observed slice of comic genius from Jorg Muhle on the subject of sharing, friendships and a tiny bit of social justice mixed in for good measure in a fab little picture book.

"Two for Me, One for You" by Jorg Muhle is out on April 1st 2020, published by Gecko Press (kindly supplied for review).