Monday, 10 February 2020

"Wild Wolf" by Fiona French (Otter-Barry Books)

A scintillating and atmospheric tale from an amazing author and illustrator, drawing together influences and sources from the amazing verbal tradition of First Nation folk tales.

"Wild Wolf" by Fiona French may well have a distant-past setting, but the strong female characters and their situations will feel utterly relevant to girls and women today.

When Bravest Warrior is refused as a suitor by beautiful Proud Girl his heart turns to anger.

In revenge he makes Ice Man, who leads Proud Girl into great danger.

But Wild Wolf, guardian spirit, is watching.

Can he rescue Proud Girl and could pride and anger turn to forgiveness and love?

Sum this book up in a sentence: Fiona's deft storytelling and amazing artwork bring this tale to life for a modern audience, showing that self-belief, bravery and cunning can defeat even the mightiest foe.

"Wild Wolf" by Fiona French is out now, published by Otter-Barry Books (kindly supplied for review)