Thursday, 12 March 2020

"Who is in the egg?" by Alexandra Milton (Boxer Books)

We're always fascinated by the different approaches different authors, illustrators and publishers take when it comes to developing amazing natural history picture books for early years.

"Who is in the Egg?" by Alexandra Milton is a brilliant example of how to produce a truly engaging book on a subject that little ones may not have had much exposure to.

How many different animals lay eggs? More than you'd think - and certainly more than just chickens.

In this book, Alexandra keeps you guessing between each page turn by showing an egg, and inviting you to guess who's inside.

Everything from crocodiles to platypuses, birds and even some fish! You'll be amazed and surprised to find out what the different eggs look like and who will come out once that shell breaks!

This is really beautifully done too, I mean it's not very often we can say that a non-fiction natural history book is a truly beautiful work of art but this fabulous book definitely qualifies.

Sum this book up in a sentence: What better way to engage early years with fabulous subjects than in a truly beautiful book with such a simple but genius idea behind it.

"Who is in the Egg?" by Alexandra Milton is out now, published by Boxer Books (kindly supplied for review).