Tuesday, 7 April 2020

"Every Child a Song" by Nicola Davies and Marc Martin (Wren and Rook)

Here's a hugely inspirational book that taps into those moments when children realise that their voices, their opinions and their rights are just as important as anyone else's, in this stunning piece of prose - both beautiful to read and to look at.

"Every Child a Song" by Nicola Davies and Marc Martin is a lyrical and powerful story built around a celebration of children's rights.

A stirring and rallying cry to all kids to stand up and be heard, be counted, and make their opinions matter in a world that is dominated by voices that would quite like children to still be seen and not heard.

Nicola writes with such a passionate voice, working in conjunction with Marc Martin's stunning illustrations showing children all over the world answering that call to use their own powerful arguments to save the planet, and make us all sit up and take notice of what they're saying.

Let's dip into this gorgeous book for a closer look:

Children at play, raise your voices and be heard!
Stunning, characterful and diverse throughout, this is a real treat indeed.

Children are children and have rights too, no matter where they come from
This is the sort of book that's perfect for building classroom activities around, for climate change projects, or projects about migration and fleeing war-torn lands in search of a better life.

Bring your friends, bring your adults, time to mobilse for your rights!

Sum this book up in a sentence: Absolutely stunning stuff, stirring and inspirational for all kids who need to hear the message loud and clear that they matter, and they deserve better in this world!

"Every Child a Song" by Nicola Davies and Marc Martin is out now, published by Wren and Rook (kindly supplied for review).