Thursday, 2 April 2020

Out today! The fabulous third installment in the Seth Seppi mysteries, the truly awesome "The Cut-Throat Cafe" by Nicki Thornton (Chicken House Books)

We have our cheerleading pants on once again for a hugely talented local author whose books we love to bits (and she's absolutely lovely to talk to as well!)

So let's hear it for Nicki Thornton and the third darkly delicious chapter in the adventures of Seth Seppi, this time stopping for tea at "The Cut-Throat Cafe".

This time Seth and his talking cat Nightshade arrive in the magical town of Gramichee to gain an apprenticeship.

But there's a problem. Someone's been attacking magical apprentices! Is Seth safe? Is there hidden danger at the Cut-Throat Cafe! Poor Seth also has exams to contend with too, a fate almost worse than death.

As I type this, we've just received the book, and Little Miss instantly stole off with it.

I can see her light burning in her room way past her actual bed time so I'm pretty sure that's a seal of approval, and once again a sign that she's been completely sucked into Seth's world, and Nicki's sumptuous storytelling.

Do you think she'll let my wife and I fight over it next??

Wishing Nicki and family the very best on her launch day, from all at ReadItDaddy Towers!

"The Cut Throat Cafe" by Nicki Thornton is out today, published by Chicken House Books (kindly supplied for review).