Tuesday 28 April 2020

"Take Me Outdoors" by Mary Richards (Agnes and Aubrey Publishing)

As difficult as it might sound to review an outdoorsy book under the current circumstances we all find ourselves, we know that this situation won't last forever, and if there's one thing us stir-crazy housebound folk will all need once the current lockdown rules are relaxed, it's a whopping great big dose of the great outdoors.

As a family we're normally outdoorsy types, and in the glorious weather we've (sadly) been having lately, we would normally be out somewhere in the middle of the countryside indulging in the sort of adventures Mary Richard richly describes in the latest in her "Take Me To" series, "Take Me Outdoors.

Each of the five adventure chapters gives you something to aspire to once we're all allowed out again, and each is designed to help kids get excited about getting back to nature and out into the countryside or even a local park or green area if you're a city dweller. There are always adventures to be had and the journal-like approach of this book encourages a high level of interaction as kids (and their adults) explore and record their own adventures right in the book itself.

Mary's gentle fun text is brilliant for getting kids to look at their world in a different way, rather than taking even the small and seemingly insignificant things for granted.

With tons of amazing facts about nature, flora and fauna alike, this is a total win for us and we love reading it - imagining the day (hopefully very very soon) when we'll be able to use the book out there in the wild and see its full potential.

Sum this book up in a sentence: Another fab addition to the "Take Me To" series, encouraging us all to imagine the great outdoors and all the wonders it will hold for us once we get to roam free once again.

"Take Me Outdoors" by Mary Richards is out on 30th April 2020, published by Agnes and Aubrey (kindly supplied for review).