Saturday, May 23, 2020

#Booky100Keepers Day 20: "The Dunderheads" and "The Dunderheads Behind Bars" by Paul Fleischman and David Roberts (Walker Books)

David Roberts is a name that's going to come up quite a few times in our #Booky100Keepers list - here working alongside Paul Fleischman to provide two utterly fantastic and diverse books that don't bore the absolute pants off you by making diversity some sort of horrid mechanism to drive a point across.

Here's the thing with both "The Dunderheads" and "The Dunderheads Behind Bars" though - despite the kids all having groovy and cool super-talents, they also feel like kids that any young reader might know themselves.

In the first book this crazy gang get together to defeat their horrible teacher, the intimidating Miss Breakbone (who could probably arm-wrestle The Trunchbull into submission, she's that fearsome).

Junkyard's best find ever is confiscated, so alongside his pals Wheels, Pencil, Spider, Hollywood and the rest of the gang, it's time for sweet sweet revenge.

In "The Dunderheads Behind Bars" a sneaky thief is on the loose, just as the kids are breaking up for the summer holidays - and have a shot at fame as a big hollywood blockbuster is filming in town, and they need a bunch of cute kids as extras.

Hollywood herself is absolutely delighted, as her idol, Ashley Throbb-Hart is in the movie - and she just can't wait to nab an autograph. But guess who else got a part in the movie, and guess who else puts a gigantic jail-bar sized spoke in the wheel of The Dunderheads plans for the perfect summer?

Yep, Miss Breakbone, aided by her weird lookalike police officer brother! Someone's going to be wearing a natty orange suit (poor Spider!)

Once again it's up to the kids to solve the mystery of the missing loot, and spring Spider from jail!

These books are fab - most kids love books where they can identify with the kid characters themselves, and there's really something for everyone in these, doing a brilliant job of representing diversity - and not just that, representing really interesting kids with a whole range of quirks, foibles and strange habits - and for that they really do deserve to be keepers.

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  1. Yes Yes - these are such fun. I love the team work and the wonderful illustrations.


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