Friday, May 22, 2020

ReaditDaddy's Chapter Book of the Week - Week Ending 22nd May 2020: "A Girl Called Justice: The Smugglers' Secret" by Elly Griffiths (Quercus)

Ah, that rare beast, a "Chapter Book of the Week" sneaking into our schedule, just like the hero of this brilliant middle grade detective romp, set in the best possible setting you can stick a middle grade storyline into - a boarding school.

"A Girl Called Justice: The Smugglers' Secret" by Elly Griffiths inflicted on us the divine pain of coming in with the second book of an established series, but thankfully one that still stands on its own two feet as once again we catch up with Justice Jones, that awesome investigative and curious girl who is once again thrown into a whole new adventure.

It's spring term at Highbury House and it's not long before some devilish goings-on, and a grisly murder pique JJ's interest.

Unfortunately Justice has a chore to deal with, looking after a curmudgeonly eldster over in the Smugglers Lodge on the other side of the school grounds. At first they don't get on but soon Mr Arthur's stories of being a pilot in World War 1 become entirely fascinating - and Justice also finds out that the lodge itself may be haunted.
When Mr Arthur dies suddenly in suspicious circumstances, Justice Jones is determined to find out what's going on, why the old man wasn't given a proper military send-off and what's really going on at Smugglers Lodge.

C immediately took to this one and walloped the whole book down in one glorious sitting. "Better than Murder Most Unladylike, way better!" she proclaimed - so there you have it. If you like your Mallory Towers with a dose of murderous mystery, and a tinge of darkness this is absolutely wonderful stuff.

Sum this book up a sentence: The awesome follow-up to "A Girl Called Justice" - JJ is our kind of kick-ass detective gal.

"A Girl Called Justice: The Smugglers' Secret" by Elly Griffiths is out now, published by Quercus (kindly supplied for review). 

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