Saturday, 20 June 2020

#Booky100Keepers Day 48: "The Flower" by John Light and Lisa Evans (Child's Play)

The practicalities of being a book blogger and living in a modest sized house mean that our #Booky100Keepers sometimes get stowed away safely in a cupboard or in storage only for us to rediscover them some years later.

That was the case with the utterly sublime "The Flower" by John Light and Lisa Evans.

It's the story of a young boy named Brigg who lives in a dark dystopian world. Brigg works at the library, looking after the 'forbidden' books, but one day discovers a book filled with the most amazing designs.

The book calls them "Flowers" and Brigg has never seen anything so colourful or amazing before. He sneaks the book home and can't stop reading it.

He searches his dark, dank world for a glimpse of one of these amazing things, but none are to be found anywhere. Until one day he chances by an old secondhand shop and spots a flower design on a strange little packet, nestled in the window of the shop. He has to buy it - and soon discovers that it's a packet of tiny seeds. Dutifully following the instructions, and patiently waiting, Brigg's heart's desire is realised - but some things are just not made to last...

We've always admired books that break all the usual (horrible) picture book rules / tropes, and if there's a publisher out there who can be relied on for publishing picture books that don't just break the rules for the sake of it, but do so in order to provide the most engaging, enchanting and poignant stories, it's Child's Play.

Brigg's world is dark, grey, polluted. Not a plant in sight. 
...but our hero is going to do something about that...!
We were delighted when John Light got in touch with us to talk about this book, how Brigg's world came about, and how the story evolved (you can see his reply in the comments of the review - and also check out his website and work, it's stunning!)

Another overlooked classic but one that you absolutely need to have.

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