Tuesday 5 October 2010

A Day at the Airport

A Day at the Airport

Written and Illustrated by Richard Scarry

Published by Random House

Finding an old Richard Scarry book at the in-laws recently, I remembered how I got a huge "Busytown" book for christmas when I was a kid, and how that book was read, and pawed and basically trashed over the space of a few years because it was so well loved. 

Though Richard Scarry sadly passed away (see an earlier blog post about this), I thought I'd grab a couple of his books as they're A) still in print on Amazon and B) ridiculously cheap. They're still ace, just as they were when I was little, and my daughter loves them too. Key to their success is the sheer amount of crazy little details shoehorned into each page. A Day at the Airport shows children just what busy and interesting places Airports can be (obviously Richard Scarry never spent 6 hours waiting for a delayed flight in one, but hey..!)

So much to look at and such a brilliantly daft story and setup. Definitely worth the asking price. 

Charlotte's best bit: The Frankfurter balloon

Daddy's favourite bit: The complete lack of health and safety in the entire story (driving an open-prop aeroplane up a busy escalator at an airport? Crazy baby!)

Rating: 5 out of 5