Wednesday, 19 December 2012

There Were Dinosaurs Everywhere by Howard Temperley and Michael Kline (KWS Publishing Ltd)

We're on the penultimate review of the year before we shut up shop for Christmas (there's one more book of the week coming on Friday and our scheduled 'Round up of 2012' articles will be dropping into place automatically on the 28th, 29th, 30th and 31st of December - watch out for those!)

But back to this fantastic dinosaur book! "There Were Dinosaurs Everywhere" is probably one of the best (and most fun) dinosaur books we've ever seen for younger children. With hilarious rhyming text accompanying great dino drawings, it's a fun look at how Dinosaurs once ruled the earth and a clever insight into all their various habits, their physical characteristics, how to pronounce all those crazy ancient Greek names (try saying Paracephalosaurus with a mouthful of mince pie!) and a hefty dose of other brilliant factual information to get your dino teeth into.

Howard Temperley, a Professor of American History at the University of East Anglia dreamt up the dinosaur tales to entertain his grandchildren. Along with Michael Kline's brilliant cartoony illustrations, those stories are now brought together in a nice big dino-sized volume.

If your child is in any way interested in prehistoric life, they'll ravenously devour this book like a pack of wild Utahraptors! Charlotte most certainly did.

Charlotte's best bit: Learning why some dinosaurs like eating stones (don't try that at home, kids!)

Daddy's favourite bit: Great rhyming text and faultless presentation make this one of the most informative (and funny) children's dinosaur books we've seen this year.

(Kindly sent to us for review by KWS Publishing)