Tuesday, 18 December 2012

The Adventurers by Rachel Elliott and Valeria Docampo (Meadowside Children's Books)

A child's imagination is a wonderful thing. Listening to Charlotte when she has a bit of 'Me time' and plays on her own is quite fantastic, now she's at the age where she doesn't need us to guide her playtimes or activities.

Rachel Elliott's story 'The Adventurers' gives us an insight into the fantastic and rich tapestry a child can weave in their imagination, and the brilliant journeys they can embark on - all from the comfort of their own room. A landscape that knows no bounds, rich in colour and hue and always full of sights to see and characters to meet.

I loved Valeria Docampo's illustrations, absolutely perfect depictions of the little girl's toys who join her on her adventures, and such a sweet final image of what happens when the little girl drifts gently off to sleep, having worn her batteries out!

A beautiful and charming book, don't miss it!

Charlotte's best bit: The scary Yeti! Eeek!

Daddy's favourite bit: Love that sleepy little girl at the end.