Tuesday, 18 December 2012

The Dragon Who Couldn't Do Dragony Things by Anni Axworthy (Zero to Ten Publishing)

We're no strangers to Anni Axworthy's cute little dragon fellow, having read this and 'Little Dragon and the Haunted House' in completely the wrong order. So here's the very first time we meet the dragon who - well as the title says - can't quite do dragony things.

Fire breathing? Nope - not even with the aid of very hot spicy food. Flying? Hmmm those tiny wings aren't quite up to the task.

But a certain little boy loves the dragon despite his shortcomings, for what he is - a rather cute brilliant little friend.

A touching tale with a lovely little message, there are apparently a few more books in Anni's 'Dragon' series so we ought to try and winkle them all out, they're very nice indeed.

Charlotte's best bit: The dragon's golden tears, aww (which mummy looks after and sticks in the bank!)

Daddy's favourite bit: I love dragons, particularly cute ones that cry real gold!