Friday 1 October 2010

Mog in the Fog

Mog in the Fog

Written by Helen Nicoll

Illustrated by Jan Peinkowski

Published by Puffin Children's Books

I kept mistyping this one as "Mog in the Dog" which might've made for a mildly more entertaining read than "Mog in the Fog". I am at the mercy of Charlotte who always seems to have a habit of finding the Meg and Mog books in the library, even though I try my best to steer her away from them. This is standard Meg and Mog fare. Meg and Mog go on a trip (always leaving Owl at home, what DOES Owl get up to while they're away eh?). Mog gets into trouble. Meg casts a spell, possibly causing more trouble, Meg and Mog fly home. In fact the odd thing is, you could pretty much cut and paste the text from Meg's Mummy straight into this book and I doubt anyone would notice. 

Charlotte loves 'em though so like the dutiful dad I keep getting them and reading them to her.

Charlotte's best bit: "What's that daddy? What's a Yeti?"

Daddy's favourite bit: Buttery tea

Rating: 2 out of 5