Friday, 1 October 2010

Willy the Champ

Willy the Champ

Written and Illustrated by Anthony Browne

Published by Walker Books

My wife refuses to read these books as they're written, swiftly changing the slightly schoolboy-tittersome "Willy" for Wilemina. My brother took one look at the swimming pool scene in this particular Willy book and said "Wait, what? These books are for kids, right?" but regardless, Charlotte loves this cheeky and cheerful little chimp and his antics. 

What is Willy good at? What does Willy excel at? Is there more to Willy than a colourful sweater and a winning smile? Find out in this tale with its Browne trademark of surreal painted illustrations mixed with simple but engaging text. 

Charlotte's best bit: Buster Nose

Daddy's favourite bit: A nice little homage to Marilyn Monroe and Rene Magritte on the same page. Oh and the fact that Buster Nose wears a loo chain around his neck!

Rating: 4 out of 5