Thursday 7 October 2010

Winnie's Flying Carpet

Winnie's Flying Carpet

Written by Valerie Thomas

Illustrated by Korky Paul

Amazon Link: £9.89 (hardback)

Published by Oxford University Press

 Just when we think we've read all of the Winnie Witch books, another one crops up at our local library and we can't resist picking it  up. Though this is pretty formulaic Winnie Witch fare, there's plenty to keep youngsters happy and amused particularly if they're fans of Winnie's long suffering (especially in this tale) cat Wilbur. 

Winnie struggles to write a thank you letter (on her super duper iMac which looks suspiciously just like the one I'm typing this blog entry on) to her sisters after she receives a misbehaving flying carpet for her birthday. Naturally Wilbur falls foul of the magic rug, and ends up on a mad haphazard chase through a local fairground. 

As with all the Winnie Witch books, it's the illustrations that make them worth reading - oodles and oodles of detail, plenty of in-jokes (funnily enough guess who turns up making a cameo in this book like she does in all the other Winnie Witch books!) and lots to amuse children and parents alike.

Charlotte's best bit: Winnie running slap-bang into Professor Puffendorf on her bike

Daddy's favourite bit: The iMac. It must be the only one in existence that has a worse keyboard than mine. 

Rating: 4 out of 5