Thursday, 27 January 2011


The master of the surreal, Anthony Browne definitely has a thing about simians. Gorilla follows the story of a young girl who is obsessed with all things Gorilla-shaped. She dreams about Gorillas, draws Gorillas and decorates her room with Gorilla posters. Her father doesn't seem to have time for her or her Gorilla obsession so after a disapointing birthday present, the girl's flight of fancy takes her on a magical trip with a huge friendly ape. 

As ever with Anthony Browne's books, it's not always the story or the main characters that keeps Charlotte entertained, it's all the little details that are going on in the background of each sumptuous illustration. Nods to King Kong, and plenty of fantastic Magritte-derivative work goes into each frame making this yet another winner for youngsters. 

Charlotte's best bit: The Gorilla's big sloppy kiss. 

Daddy's favourite bit: Great homages to Magritte's suited-and-booted surrealist works

Rating: 4 out of 5