Tuesday, 25 January 2011

The True Story of Goldilocks

How did Goldilocks end up breaking into the three bears' house, stealing porridge and wrecking beds? Before Goldilocks was naughty, she was a sweet and polite self-help guru. That's according to Sandro Natalini and Agnezzi Baruzzi's novel retelling of the classic fairy tale. 

We find out that Baby Bear wasn't always a good little bear, Daddy Bear was a bit of a numpty really and Mummy Bear spent rather too much time researching beauty tips. 

The book's illustrations have some excellent card-craft mechanisms to bring the pictures to life. Some younger readers might find some of the interactive papercraft a bit fiddly (and will probably wreck / lose the cool little letters that come with the book) but it's a great twist to the story and a great use of the characters. 

Charlotte's best bit: The Big Bad Wolf appearing in Daddy Bear's newspaper

Daddy's favourite bit: Goldilocks the rough and ready rock chick

Rating: 4 out of 5