Monday 7 March 2011

Muchas Gracias, Abingdon Blog

The fantastic Abingdon Blog recently covered Mostly Books and World Book day. Mostly Books is an important independent Abingdon bookshop, one of two in the town (the other being The Abingdon Bookstore). Both shops stock a varied selection of adult and children's books that fall outside the normal chain-store 'big publisher' stock. 

The coverage also included a link back to this humble blog so many thanks to the Abingdon Blog for the coverage, and a warm welcome to all new visitors finding their way here. 

As a catch-up, ReadItDaddy is a children's book blog with a view to covering a varied selection of books every week, most of which are borrowed from the excellent Abingdon Library - which has a brilliant children's section. 

Comments and feedback are most welcome as are new followers!