Monday, 7 March 2011

The Stray Kitten

Regular readers of this blog might remember our review of "Mouse, Look Out!" by Judy Waite and Gavin Rowe. A dark tale that seemed slightly menacing for younger readers, but with a fairly happy ending that lifted it somewhat. 

The Stray Kitten is a very similar tale, this time detailing the young life of a lost moggy as it learns to live out in the wild where every day is a fight for survival, and a learning process. 

The lovable kitten is cautious, wise but sadly always hungry.

Mid-way through this book, the story takes quite a dark twist (as did "Mouse, Look out!"). Probably not suitable for the very young but certainly eminently suitable for children who have inquiring minds and like to read about characters and situations that are anything but fluffy and fancy-free. 

Charlotte's best bit: The kitten vs the bulldozer "is scary!"

Daddy's favourite bit: Wondering what happened to the world mid-way through the book. 

Rating: 3 out of 5