Friday, 1 April 2011

Draw me a star

Eric ("The Hungry Caterpillar") Carle's books are books we've enjoyed over the course of me writing this book blog, and we've steadily hunted down most of the ones you see advertised in the back of Carle's most famous work. 

"Draw me a star" had evaded us up till now but finally the library got a copy in, and it's quite a strange and surreal book. 

With every turn of the page, Carle's trademark painted cutout artwork tells the story of an artist being asked to draw various objects. In turn the objects get grander and grander as the artists slowly becomes old and tired and haggard. 

It's succinctly different to Carle's other books but the repetition and the artwork helps it appeal to youngsters all the same. 

Charlotte's favourite bit: "Draw me the moon"

Daddy's favourite bit: "EEK! Unexpected nudity!"

Rating: 3 out of 5