Friday, 1 April 2011

When we lived in Uncle's Hat

What a curious hotch potch of tales. "When we lived in Uncle's hat" depicts various fantastical dwellings a small family live a nomadic existence in. Starting in an ordinary everyday house, the family move between a bus, a box and of course the titular titfer in the title. 

The book's very wordy but nonetheless quite an interesting fantasy world for your youngsters to get engrossed in and the footnotes at the end of each little tale, detailing what happens to each family member, are often quite grown up and feel a little out of place in a children's book. 

A very weird but very intriguing read. 

Charlotte's best bit: "When we lived in Auntie's Viola"

Daddy's favourite bit: "When we lived on a bus" (which is a perfect description of what it must feel like every morning on a public transport commute!)

Rating: 3 out of 5