Friday, 3 June 2011

George and the Dragon

Did you know that all dragons are secretly terrified of mice? This charming tale (with some absolutely stunning dragon artwork by Chris Wormell) reveals the deepest darkest secrets of the mythical creatures that once ruled the world. 

The dragon in this particular tale is red, scaly and thoroughly mean (and of course children of all ages love a good rotter!) He burns down forests, he smashes castles and he kidnaps fair maidens to snack on between terrible deeds. 

Of course all big bullies are all bluster and no courage, and this particular bully gets his comeuppance in the tiny form of a mouse named George, who moves in next door to the dragon's cave one day. 

George only wants to borrow a cup of sugar, but with a tiny squeak and possibly even a cute little shuffle of his whiskers, George puts paid to the dragon's evil reign. 

Masterfully put together with minimal text to interrupt the fabulous painted illustrations, a cracking book that's not too scary for a bedtime read. 

Charlotte's best bit: The dragon peeking over the mountains, absolutely terrified

Daddy's favourite bit: Who doesn't love a damsel in distress?

Rating: 4 out of 5